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thoughts. [27 Oct 2008|11:59pm]
OK, so it's 3 hours later... and i'm about to break down because of... I don't know. I hate everything about me so much. I am not cute, or pretty, or funny or even outgoing. I never will be. I could... get a new haircut or something, but this is me under it all and I hate it so much. I am pale, my skin is crap, my smile is disgusting and one of my eyes wanders bc i get so tired, ALL THE TIME. I dress funny, i'm awkward, i never stand up straight. This is not about weight. I hate myself a little more every time I catch a reflection in a shop window.

I feel a bit better for saying that.
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[11 Oct 2008|03:08am]
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cute/sad [19 Nov 2006|05:32am]
Worries of 10-year-olds...

I'm worried that my cat might need his tooth pulled out.
I worry because I can't swim.
Will Lily forgive me totally?
Dad will not stop smoking.
I don't want Antarctica to melt.
I think Mitchell has a girlfriend (not me).
I'm worried that I can't think of anything to worry about.

[[We put all our worries in a box and set them on fire.]]
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[13 Oct 2004|04:57pm]
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